Dienstag, 1. Mai 2012

New MAC Collections + Facecharts

Hey beauties,
here are some new MAC Facecharts by me for the new MAC collections "Hey Sailor" & "In Extra Dimension" which will be released on May!

This one is an inspired look by the "Hey Sailor" MAC collection! Love these colours!

This one is an inspired look by the "In Extra Dimension" MAC collection!

And this one is my favourite one, an inspired look with the Viva Glam lipstick "Viva Glam V"!
So guys, hope you like my new MAC facecharts and sorry I wasn´t able to do a post, because of my exams! Leave comments if you want! Xoxo, Maddeline


  1. these are soooo fab!! I'm totally inspired!!

  2. I´m glad you like it beauty! Xoxo, Maddeline

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    Love your view and style!
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  4. ich hab meins vom Flohmarkt :)
    ja und nein ich bin leider total unzufrieden...
    ich bin einfach beim falschen Friseur gelandet :(

  5. Ohhhh das hört sich nicht gut an :( Naja was ist nun mit deinen Haaren?
    Xoxo, Maddeline